A Weird Sort of Hare Krishna

The other day I was stopped on the street by a guy who told me that he was a traveling Hare Krishna monk. . . weird enough in it self, but it got weirder! He then went on to talk about how he was out teasing friendly people like my self by giving out weird information and then he would let it be up to us to decide if we wanted to give him a contribution or not. He then gave me a pamphlet on intelligent design. . .  He was actually a very nice and funny guy, but I was busy and a bit confused so i just gave him 10 kr to go away.

I had a Dream

I dreamt that I was part of the Danish olympic team and that the whole nation was following me, I was the main hope for an olympic win! The press followed me everywhere and it was all very overwhelming. . . I had one major problem though, even as i was walking in with Dannebrog (The Danish Flag), I couldn't for the love of god remember what I was supposed to participate in!
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My trip to Birmingham was quite alright, nothing exceptional, but not bad either.

The consept was that three fathers (My father and two of his friends) invited their sons on a "beer and football" trip to England on the conditions that they chose the time, place and which matches to be seen, the sons would have no influence, but would get it all free. (it has to be said that we are all 18+).

Unfortunately the other fathers did not stick to the concept so the other sons was allowed to leave early to get home to school, something I did not hear about until a few days before. . .  It kind of sucked, because after spending every single minute together with my father for four days it woul have been good with people my own age arround.

I guess I just lacked a bit of personal space and freedom to do what I wanted. . . at Boston there was no personal space, but if I wished so I could go wherever. In Birmingham we had so much planned for our short trip, that there hardly was time to breath.

Anyways I am now back home and have started to get a daily rutine and to my great joy I am actually not behind with school work.
Other than that I am still spending alot of time trying to figure out what todo after this semester. Continue studying, or is it time for a break? If I take  a break, will I be able to return and pick up where I left?
If I continue, then my only chance of studying abroad is organising something my self, if I do that then I could study in the states this time next year.

Going Abroad

It looks like it will be impossible for me to study in the states until fall 2011. . . : (
I might still be able to study in England in 2010, quite appealing.

I have been thinking about taking a year off and work and travel, but I am not quite sure if it is the wisest choice. It would be ideal to work in a museum to get some experience and to see if it something for me and if it could be done in the states or England it would be perfect. Unfortunately I am not qualified for most of the jobs (other than the ones where you just sell tickets), in fact I have only found one job I could apply for. . . In Whiteheaven (Cumbria).


The election went well for the party, most Danes are voting for the left these days, but for some reason my father was not elected.

I have just turned in my synopsis the other day and I have my next exam next wednsday. . .I am very stressed.

Did you hear about the suicide boming in Somalia? One of the bomers lived in Rødovre for 15 years, thats only like 5 km from my mothers house. . . weird.

England vs. Denmark

I just saw one of the most obscure things ever on danish television. ..

There was a picture of two garden gnomes and then the speaker said:

"On this day in the year 1002, the english king Ethelred ordered the killing of all danish men in England, it became known as the St. Brice Day massacre. Today we remember this day with a picture of two danish garden gnomes who have made their way into a garden just north of Ipswich. We will leave the picture on for a few moments"

After 5 sec. the two garden gnomes explode and then it switches to War of the Worlds.

I will remember The St. Brice Day massacre with German power metal!

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A Conspiracy

I don't know what google and the EU are up to, but they are definitly up to something and I expect it to be evil!

I was using google translate to a pice of text from one of my museology books: "The museum aids interpretation by the arrangement and labeling of artefacts, by its rules of acces and the ways in which it frames objects." and what I got in Danish was this: "
Museet hjælpemidler fortolkning af den ordning, og mærkning af kulturgenstande, efter EU's regler om tilbehør og de måder, som det rammer objekter."

At first look a good translation only two mistakes, the first minor, but the second is outright sinister!

1. "aid" should have been translated to "hjælper" (helps), but is instead tranlated to "hjælpemidler" (remedys of help)
2. "its" should have been "dets", but instead it is translated to "EU's" 

So google is advocating that museums should not lable objekt after their own system or rules, but by rules set by the European Union. 

Either google are in league with the EU or maybe google tranlsate have the ability to predict the future.  
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Yet Another Teen Movie

I do like the fact that digital TV gives a better picture than before, but it also has its disadvantages. We have a rather poor antenna, whenever there is a bit of bad weather we get a poor reseption. Before that meant that we got a poor quality picture and sometimes sound as well, but only in cases of extreme storm did it become unwatchable. . . Now it handles the minor cases of rain and wind much better (it does not affect the TV), but as soon as gets just a bit of proper wind it is impossible to watch.

Would You Buy A Cow ???

It is eletion time and that means lots of fun! Especially because it is the lokal election, that means that alot of weird parties are running. . .

Here is my top 3:

1.Nihilistisk Folkeparti (Nihilistic Peoples Party)

2.Schiller Instituttets Venner (Friends of the Schiller Intitute)

3.Velfærds Partiet (The Welfare Party)

Nihilistic Peoples Party has by far the best posters and slogans, just to mention a few "Nothing matters, but cute animals" written on a pink poster with a picture of a baby seal (a respons to how the country is in an oproar because of mink farming, but don't seem to mind the fact that we are getting more poor people) and the headline "Stop the church bells" followed by the text "Fuck your salvation, we are hung over" and their gennerel posters with the people you can vote for says "vaste your vote on. . ."

Have you heard of the Schiller Institute? Basicly they are working for new and more fair economical world order, which is very nice, but their posters are always funny. Last election their posters just said "We Need A Magnetic Train Across Storebælt", this year they say "Only a new economical system can save Denmark". . . From what I have heard they are borderline sect.  The best description I can come up with is: They are to economics what scientology is to religion.

The Welfare Party or The Welfare List (I am not quite sure what it is called) is basicly just this guy who always run, but never gets elected (normally not a member of a party). He is known as "The Sheriff from Amager" because he is always wearing a cowboy hat, a sixshooter, a deck of cards and a Sheriff star on his posters, together with the catchy slogan "John Erik Wagner, det gavner" (John Erik Wagner, it benifits)
Apparently he is fighting for the rights of the dyslexic people. I guess the party name is just an atempt to get more votes. . .